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Each Course Includes

8 interactive online live lessons

We record these so they can be watched back any time
Build the confidence to start the GCSE exam year well

8 workbooks - follow online or print them out!

Every lesson comes with a professionally designed workbook

The best teachers in the UK!

Subject experts with years of experience will keep you fresh over summer

Access to the largest student community in the UK

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Our GCSE courses are designed and delivered by subject experts with years of experience as teachers and examiners.


Tuesday and Thursday
1 pm - 2 pm
Starts 6th August


Monday and Wednesday
1 pm - 2 pm
Starts 7th August


Wednesday and Thursday
11 am - 12:20 pm / 2 pm - 3:20 pm
Starts 12th August


Wednesday and Friday
2 pm - 3 pm / 12 pm- 1 pm
Starts 7th August


Monday and Friday
2 pm - 3 pm
Starts 5th August

Reasons to Join

Catch up

Great opportunity to catch up on tricky topics from last year.

Keep a structure

Students are happier and go back to school more prepared when they keep a routine in summer.

Build confidence

Have a look forward to build confidence for the year ahead. Start next term with no stress!
And the best part...

Your first subject is completely FREE

and only £9.99 after that
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2 subjects
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Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects do you offer?
We have Summer School courses in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. Here is the full list:
  • KS2 Fundamentals: Maths, Science, English
  • KS3 Discovery: Maths, Science, English
  • Y10-11 — GCSE Starter Pack: Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English
  • Breaking into Y12: Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry
  • Y13: The Next Steps: Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry
Year groups are for the 2024-25 academic year. Each of these will have a full, year-long course starting in September.
How can I check your credibility?
We are an officially registered company with over 2500 students. Our platform has received over 350 Trustpilot reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. Payments are accepted only through our company bank account.
Do you run courses at other times of the year?
From September, we will be running amazing courses in Maths, English, and all three sciences. For more information, contact us.
What do MyEdSpace Summer Schools contain?
Two live lessons per week revising topics from the past year and taking a look forward at the upcoming content. Every lesson has a professionally designed workbook made by experienced teachers and former examiners.
  • Provides a great foundation for the start of the new year.
  • Learn new tips and strategies for learning.
  • Approach new content and begin the new year with confidence.
  • Access the largest student community in the UK on Discord.
When are the live lessons?
See here for the full schedule.
How can I be sure that the course will be effective for me?
In 2023, 82% of our students achieved their desired grades or above. In addition, 37% of our students achieved grades 7-9 - more than double the national average! Our teachers have extensive experience working as examiners. So, we are confident that you will achieve great results following our learning process!
What exam board does the course cover?
Our Maths course works with all exam boards.
Our Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses align best with AQA exam board. However, the entire curriculum will be revised, and there will be a lot of overlap with other exam boards (OCR is particularly similar)!
Our English course is designed to cover content and skills across all exam boards but is also tailored towards AQA.