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Starts in April

Easter Revision Courses

Revise the entire curriculum in just 3 days! You'll go through every single topic and repeat the basics to get ready for your Maths, English, Bio or Chemistry exams and secure top grades.
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3 Reasons to Join

Build up your confidence for one of the most important exams of your life.
Maximise your time and prepare for the exam in just 2 days.
Practice special exam techniques that will help you get the top grades.

Courses We Offer


GCSE & A-Level
Suitable for all exam boards
8 + 9th April
8 hours total
10 + 11 + 12th April
18 hours total


GCSE & A-Level
Best for the AQA exam board
3 + 4th April
8 hours total
5 + 8 + 9th April
18 hours total


GCSE & A-Level
Best for the AQA exam board
5 + 6th April
8 hours total
2 + 3 + 4th April
18 hours total


Best for the AQA exam board
1 + 2nd April
12 hours total
1 course
2 courses
3 courses
4 courses
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What’s Included

GCSE: 2 live lessons, 4 hours each.
A-Level: 3 live lessons, 6 hours each.
Recordings to rewatch anytime, right up until your exams.
2 mock exam papers and a workbook for each lesson designed by a former examiner.
Fully-qualified teachers with 30+ years of combined experience and 2M+ followers.

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Rhys Nunoo
Head of Mentors

Meet The Teachers

Neil Trivedi

Head of Maths at MyEdSpace. 1st Class Honours degree from UCL.
Over 8 years of teaching experience.
Ex-Head of A-Level Maths at multiple prestigious schools in North London.

Laura Armstrong

Head of Biology at MyEdSpace.
Over 15 years of teaching experience including Head of Biology positions
Over 10 years experience of working alongside Biology exam boards.

Dr. Davinder Bhachu

Head of Chemistry at MyEdSpace. 1st Class Honours and PhD from UCL
Over 8 years of teaching experience including Head of Chemistry positions
48% of his students achieved A/A* in 2023.

Louis Provis

Head of English at MyEdSpace.
BA in English from Oxford University and Masters in English from Cambridge University.
Over 9 years of teaching experience including a Head of Sixth Form position.

More than 200 5 star reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects do you offer?
We currently offer revision courses for Maths, Biology, Chemistry and English, giving a fully comprehensive learning experience for both GCSE and A Levels.
What do MyEdSpace Revision Courses contain?
Each course comes with live lessons, access to recordings, workbooks, and two mock exam papers created by former examiners.
  • Gives an overview of the entire syllabus
  • Learn new tips and strategies from an experienced examiner.
  • See and practice exam questions in all topics, increasing their experience and confidence.
How can I be sure that the course will be effective for me?
82% of our students achieved desired or higher-than-planned grades. In addition, our teachers have experience working as examiners. So we are confident that by following our learning process, you can achieve outstanding results!
What exam board does the course cover?
Our Maths course works for all exam boards. Our Chemistry, Biology and English courses align best with AQA exam board specifications. Though the entire curriculum will be revised so there will be a lot of overlap with other exam boards!
Are there any special requirements for enrolling?
There are no special prerequisites for enrolling in our Easter Revision Courses. In general, you only need to have a reliable internet connection and a device to access our learning platform.
How can I check your credibility?
We are an officially registered company with over 2000 students. Our platform has received more than 200 reviews with a rating of 4.9 out of 5.
When are the live lessons?
Maths:Mon - Tue, April 8 - 9th 2024, 2PM - 6PM
Biology:Wed - Thu, April 3 - 4th 2024, 10AM - 2PM
Chemistry:Fri - Sat, April 5 - 6th 2024, 10AM - 2PM
A Level
Maths:Wed - Friday, April 10 - 12th 2024, 2PM - 8PM
Biology:Fri, Mon, Tue, April 5th, 8 - 9th 2024, 10AM - 4PM
Chemistry:Tue - Thu, April 2-4th 2024, 10AM - 4PM
Will you be adding Physics?
We will be running courses for Maths, English and all three Sciences from September - more information can be found on our website.
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